Temple Loro Jonggrang or ordinary so-called society as aTemple Prambanan have location at frontier among Central Java province and Yogyakarta, more or less 17 km to east fromYogyakarta or more or less 53 km westside of Solo. Complex this temple apart become two are complex of westside enter region of Yogyakarta and eastside enter region Central Java province. Complex this temple be named “ Prambanan “ because its location at area of Prambanan, and the naming of Loro Jonggrang alone come from folklore about a girl that jonggrang or tall, that is princess from king Boko.

Temple Prambanan have been woke up around century 9 by “ Rakai Pikatan “ and then be finished by “ Rakai Balitung “, this matter be concluded from “ Prasasti Siwargrha “. Condition this temple when first time be found really grievous with debris its stone scatter and some of building collapse be caused some reason for example be removed center of the empire of Mataram to area of East Java, the existence of earthquake and several times eruption of “ Mount Merapi “. Effort restoration have been done several times namely on 20 December 1953 at era of “ Bung Karno “, then be continued year 1977, finished 23 March 1987 and ending on 27 April 1991.

Complex this temple consist of underground, middle and center, with width that alternately 390 square meters, 222 square meters and its center 110 square meters. If be estimated there are around 240 temple with size same are elementary 6 square meters and high 14 meter. Between all these ground so that center ground that most important because in it there are 16 small and big temple. The main temple consist of : Temple Siwa,Temple Wisnu and Temple Brahma. Temple at second line are :Temple Nandi, Temple Angsa and Temple Garuda. There are also some name another temple like Temple Apit, Temple Kelirand Temple Sudut.

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